WinnGeoffrey Winn graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Law. He is a practising lawyer, specialising in estate planning, elder law, superannuation, and families using preventive law measures to prevent legal hurdles in their future. Geoffrey is a Director of Lawscape Communications P/L, a plain English consumer legal information consultancy. Lawscape is  the operator of Australia’s highest ranked private online legal information provider Law4U and LawMatch, an online legal referral service that has matched 7000 clients with lawyers.

Geoffrey has written an extensive range of articles for both the legal and consumer markets. For several years he authored the monthly consumer law feature article for Choice magazine. His online presence includes over 1000 pages of Plain English legal information at Law4U and 71 monthly articles in the Law Spot series highlighting current legal events. He is the author of numerous plain English consumer law publications, including guides to powers of attorney, the guardianship process, legal decision making for parents of children with an intellectual disability, residential tenancy law and chapters of various editions of the Law Handbook. He was a principal advisor in the reform of Victoria’s Guardianship laws and legal counsel to the Victorian Public Advocate. He has written a suite of plain English consumer law fact sheets (total 80,000 words) for Fairfax publications that is featured in their online site and in their newspapers nationwide. He has appeared in the Law Institute Journal and is the author of a chapter in the Lawyers Practice Manual. Geoffrey has written many opinion pieces in metropolitan newspapers, including The Age, The Brisbane Courier Mail, the Sydney Morning Herald, and the Herald Sun.

Geoffrey’s bestselling book Bulletproof Your Life – Simple Strategies to Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Assets, was published by Fairfax Books. It is a comprehensive plain English guide for families and individuals dealing with many subjects including estate planning, superannuation, insurance, financial planning, asset protection, powers of attorney and debt. The book contains a unique checklist guide (the Bulletproof Action Plan) that matches required actions to life events.

As part of his practice, Geoffrey gives regular seminars to the public and accountants. He presented a series of eight half day seminars in Sydney and Melbourne for Sydney Morning Herald and the Age readers on defensive legal strategies for families. He has conducted Australia-wide full day seminars, A Master Class In Plain English Writing, largely attended by corporate executives. He has a reputation as an engaging speaker who is able to relate technical concepts in a straightforward and entertaining manner.

Geoffrey attended a three year (part time) Diploma of Professional Writing & Editing at Holmesglen College to improve his plain English writing skills. He takes his parenting very seriously, loves the Essendon Football Club, is a devotee of rock music (alas less so contemporary music like hip-hop), reads widely, meditates daily, has made an (adult) lifelong study of Buddhism, and collected different versions of every Bob Dylan song which reside blissfully on his bulging Galaxy Tab. Geoffrey believes everyone should go to a Springsteen concert at least once in their lifetime.

That’s all you need to know about me. However, if you want to know why I launched MatureMedia then read on.


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