Should Professionals Get A Blog – Yes, No, Maybe?

The bad news about blogs for professionals

Here’s the bad news – you need a blog. I know this is not what you want to hear, and as a fellow professional, I also understand that you don’t have the time (or indeed the interest). You’re right. So let me qualify that a little – if you want to develop a content marketing strategy then you need a blog.

Which begs the question, do you need a content marketing strategy? Yes, if you want to have a real online presence. You will be told by all and sundry web designers and social media consultants that every professional must have a significant online presence to succeed in the “modem world”. But it’s not true.

Let’s say you are a professional in a high wealth boutique area (lawyers love to use this term “boutique” to describe their firms, as though it conveys something exclusive and exotic). You give advice to high income individuals about planning their retirement, or you deal mostly with the investment of assets in self managed superannuation funds of significant value. In that case you don’t need a content marketing strategy. What you need is a website – and a directory listing in Yellow Pages, and probably a membership in a professional association and a Linkedin profile to assist with networking. In other words, you are not trawling for clients – your demographic is small and clients generally find you through discrete word of mouth. Fine.

And now the good news about blogs for professionals

If you fall into the previous category well and good, but then you are part of the vast minority of Australian professionals. Now let me speak to the vast majority of us. Here’s what a blog will do for you:

It will generate traffic to your site and make Google happy, which is something we all want. Even if you do not seek a high rank in search engines (e.g. Google) it is still important to offer fresh materials for readers, otherwise you will have a moribund “static” website. Again, if that suits your purposes, well and good, but for most professionals (especially smaller suburban firms) you want an ongoing means to broadcast your expertise.

More good news – it’s not that hard to write a blog, all it takes is a little learning, and we have done that for you in one of our MatureMedia Guides on getting started with a blog. If you use WordPress (and I do and I recommend it highly) then a lot of time will be saved by using appropriate WordPress plugins. These are little pieces of software that add functionality to WordPress – for instance, I use the SEO Yoast plugin to help search engine optimisation (it’s free).

Look, don’t sell yourself short. Do you have a secret vision of grabbing your laptop (tablet or whatever) and heading down to your favourite café to write a blog? Would that gladden your heart? Then do it. You might find it opens up a creative part of your professional life you had not previously considered.

Where to start

If you want a lot of ideas about building a blog, then you might want to check out our MatureMedia Guides on these topics. Or just get in touch for a chat (free) or ask a question.

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