Professionals Need A Blog

What is a blog?

Think a website that is updated with new articles (blogs or posts) on a regular basis. They are arranged last article first (i.e. reverse chorological order). That’s it, really. For a full explanation of blogging for professionals check out our MatureMedia Guide Blogs For Professionals.

A blog is a special type of website that can exist on its own (with a unique URL) or as part of a more diverse “hub” website. A blog is a “push” mechanism for easy syndication of content across the social media universe. Think of it as the gatekeeper, an indispensable distributor of your content that acts like a feeder road. The content can be generated with a few easily learnt techniques and built on readily available platforms (WordPress is highly recommended). There is also a plentiful supply of design professionals to build the platform for you.

I’m too old to need a blog

What’s your business profile? Are you a mature professional? Working in a suburban firm? Do you work in accounting, law, superannuation, insurance or finance? If so, you rely on word of mouth, and on the internet word of mouth spreads at light speed. Blogs are a natural fit for mature professionals because you have substantial relationship skills.

Think about what you want to achieve. Do you want to foster better relationships with clients; drive more business from them; get recommendations and word of mouth ; referrals; something to send prospective clients? All of the above? Then yes, you do need a blog.

Google loves blogs for professionals

A blog is an important part of your content  marketing strategy. Google has made it quite clear that the generation of high quality content is the main determinant of search rankings. No, it’s not the only one (in fact there are about 200 variants that figure in the Google algorithm), but it is significant. Google loves fresh content . Google loves original content . Back in 2011, Google made it clear that it’s (then) recent update was designed to achieve the highest quality possible written content. Google now rewards sites that update their content  and penalises sites that do not change their content.

Many professionals have an unfortunate belief (or have been misinformed) that to succeed in the online world they must master search engine optimisation. This is playing into a myth that will achieve nothing more than procrastination. Professionals who want to succeed online need to build content Then build more content. Then build some more. That means FAQ, a biography that reads as a narrative and not a mere recitation of a CV and much more. But mainly it means a blog, because that builds content over time that will enhance your reputation and search engine rankings. Blogging platforms (like the one that supports this blog WordPress) are designed to make it easy to create new content . You really need very little technical ability – minimal practice will get you there is no time.

Google also loves consistency – that means your readers can expect a blog post at regular intervals. And when that post is written and posted the Googlebot, which is Google’s web crawling bot (also known as “spiders”), comes along and detects new and updated content  and that improves your search engine rankings. According to Darren Rowse of Problogger, “the more you update your blog the more often Search Engines will send their crawlers to your site to index it. This will mean your new articles could appear in the index within days or even hours rather than weeks.”

Where to start

If you want a lot of ideas about building a blog  then check out our fee eBook on blogs for professionals, or just get in touch for a chat (free) or ask a question.

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