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Beware SEO experts – offer part one

SEO (search engine optimisation) experts are going to chase you. How do I know? Because if you are a professional, and you have a website (and you MUST have a website) then at some point your name will appear on a list kept somewhere in cyberspace and the phone will ring with an offer. This is the gist of the offer – “Hi, my name is Neil, and looking at your website I wonder if I could share with you a few ways it could be improved”. No obligation, of course. That’s the Offer Part One.

No doubt you will want to find out how you Neil can improve your site. Well, let me count the ways. Look, this is being facetious, because there will be ways your site can be improved, but it is likely your gracious and oh so friendly caller Neil is going to focus on the technical aspects of the site, and just as surely, it is those very technical matters that characterise where you have virtually no knowledge. Have you been to the service station and nodded sagely as the mechanic explained what is wrong with your car, when really you have no idea what they are talking about? It’s a lot like that.

SEO offer part two

Now the Offer Part Two  – “we can get you to the first page of Google” or “we can get you to the number one spot on Google”. No they can’t. At least not in any way that is legal in the eyes of Google and does not open you to the possibility of a severe penalty.

SEO is a complex and obtuse topic. You can do some research about it, and learn a lot on your own, but there’s no doubt that at an advanced level it is a domain that is best handled by trained consultants – however, there is a vast difference between the expertise of SEO consultants. And as a general rule, hang up on anyone who makes Offer Part Two. However, some basic research will hold you in good stead whether you hire an SEO consultant or not.

Nevertheless, this analysis ignores the real issue, an acknowledgement that the most you can do to help the ranking of your website, and keep eyeballs on your site, is to write great content. And then write some more. So if you have a restricted budget, and that will be most Australian professionals, then be careful where you allocate your resources. Believe me, you can learn a lot about online content on your own, and that will take you a long way to a favourable place in Google’s heart. Google, certainly the dominant directory for your prospective clients, increasingly looks to high quality website content as the primary determinant of search engine rankings.

Content is everything

There are mature strategies and beginning strategies. As a foundational strategy, you are best to allocate your resources where they have the greatest return (the bang for your buck). That’s content. That’s where to start. If you want a lot of ideas check out our MatureMedia Guides, or just get in touch for a chat (free) or ask a question.

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