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Like you, I am an experienced professional. That means I speak your language and understand your concerns. You will never be embarrassed to ask me anything. You will certainly never be made to feel intimidated by a twenty-something internet consultant who knows little about the relationship between clients and professional firms.

I learned the hard way the frustrations of dealing with internet consultants more interested in what they want than your needs as a professional. Unlike these consultants, I know the problems and pain points clients expect to be addressed by professionals.

Some of my published plain English material includes:

 The online Money Manager Guides available in the following newspapers –

The Age


Brisbane Times


WA Today




  law4u_header_stymie50,000 words on the Law4u website – comprehensive and practical consumer information about the law and dealing with legal problems.


Bulletproof Your LifeThe Fairfax Books number one bestseller Bulletproof Your Life – Simple Strategies to Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Assets (220 pages). A comprehensive plain English guide for families and individuals dealing with financial and legal issues including estate planning, superannuation, insurance, financial planning, asset protection, powers of attorney and debt (“Lawyer and plain-English expert Geoffrey Winn wants to set you free to make the financial, health and lifestyle decisions that will help you take control of your life.”  Sydney Morning Herald).






Articles for Australian lawyers in Law Institute Journal; chapter Lawyers Practice Manual.





Consumer law contributing feature writer Choice Magazine.




eBook: The Ultimate Guide To Website Content For Professional Firms (230 pages) – available as a download from this website (see end of this page for download). For lawyers, accountants and all retirement, insurance and finance professionals.


What is the process between us?

The Brief

First we consult. It can be over a coffee, on the phone, in your office or mine. There is no charge for this. Like all professionals we use an instruction sheet so every angle is covered. If there’s anything you can’t immediately answer, we’ll wait until you are ready to proceed. We know you will have many questions – that’s good, but if you want to “brief” yourself, please look at the information in my The Ultimate Guide To Website Content For Website Content For Professional Firms (see end of this page for download instructions).

Your detailed input

You know your firm better than anyone. Maybe you have explanatory material you want to put online as part of your service to your clients, but it appears too complex to translate into plain English. Perhaps you want to find a better way to reach new clients, or advice to use online content to target your ideal client? Sometimes it helps just to talk to a fellow professional to gain a little more focus.

Can you edit and improve existing web content?

Yes. This is a common issue for professional firms. I’ll look at your website content and make suggestions.

Can you write our blog posts?

Yes,  I can write regular blog posts for you. Blogs are a wonderful way to personalize your relationship with your clients and prospective clients, but be wary of copy by consultants who do not really understand the professional-client relationship. I can also map out a schedule of posts for you to write yourself, together with topics and structures. Every aspect of blogging for professional firms is covered in The Ultimate Guide To Website Content For Website Content For Professional Firms (see end of this page for download instructions).

Should I have a FAQ page? Can you write it?

Yes. A “Frequently Asked Question” page or series of pages on your website is a great asset for any professional firm. It allows you to:

  • Demystify the technical aspects of your relationship with your client, both transactional and informational; and
  • Anticipate pain points in your client relationships and deal with them head on.

As much as possible, you want to eliminate every possible objection a prospective client might have to use your professional services. Whatever barriers exist between you and a prospective client, this is the place to see them well and truly removed. That’s the real purpose of a FAQ page. It anticipates queries a prospective client might have, and answers them in the words that represent your firm in the best light.

It is a great way to create an online dialogue with prospective clients.

What about the bio (or “about” page)?

Your “bio” (if you have one) is a critical first point of contact with prospective clients. There are plenty of studies to show that visitors first go to the bio page before they decide whether to look further in the site. The secret is to create a narrative, not a mere recitation of a CV.

Most prospective clients will read the “About Us” page soon after a quick scan of the home page. It will be the second most visited page after the home page, and often the page on which prospective clients spend the most time. Even the most casual internet users are nowadays conditioned to the idea of an online profile and expect to be able to evaluate a professional before they commit to an appointment. As a professional, this is your first and best opportunity to humanize both yourself and your firm and, as much as possible, personalize the online experience.

Can you write an eBook?

Yes, this is a great marketing tool for your firm. Generally eBooks are a minimum of 10,000 words (about 35 pages). It can also be used as a tool to build a mailing list. I can advise you on this.

How do you quote for services?

After the initial consultation, you will receive a full costs estimate, together with a Brief of Understanding to ensure we are in agreement about the steps to be taken. I won’t limit the numbers of revisions that will take place before the work is finalised – I prefer to rely on good relationships with fellow professionals to ensure the unrestricted flow of information.

Do you offer training sessions and seminars?

Yes, I can train your staff and then offer an “overseeing” role (see my bio for seminar experience). Training modules are designed according to your firm’s needs. Note that professionals who are subject to a CPD (continuing professional development) regime can bring together a group for a seminar to amortize the fixed cost of the session. Contact me  if you wish to discuss a training session or seminar.

What if I just want to talk without making any commitment?

Good, look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions feel free to contact me by email or phone. Or use the Contact Form to get in touch.

Why “mature” professionals – and what if I’m not one?

Because no one speaks on our behalf, that’s why. Mature professionals (40+) are disenfranchised in the online world, as though we are “past it”. As I write in one of my MatureMedia Guides:

“Countless mature professionals strive for a more strategic outlook, or resolve to get advice about the internet. Why do these intentions remain dormant? In part because many mature professionals are emotionally tied to the cultures of their businesses, and though they despair at inertia, they fear even more the consequences of thinking (and acting) outside the box.”

They also fear dealing in an area outside their training and apparently beyond their critical assessment. It is therefore a real pity that there are no peers to provide assistance, specifically to facilitate the entry of fellow mature professionals into the world of online content.

If you’re not “mature”? Great – that tells me you have a mature head on your shoulders. Everything at MatureMedia is for you, too.



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